Here is a sample query to get last Sentinel-2 image for some location, adjusting gamma and contrast to have rendering of Red, Green and Blue satellite imagery spectral bands to the RGB composite image that seems in natural colors - so called “True Color”.,b3,b2&from=s2&where=&op=&order=last&color=log(1.5),brightness(2200:60000)&lat=51.01&lon=2.29&zoom=12

Next we can switch it to the “False Color” with few other params - adding infrared band and increasing the contrast to distinguish urban areas and farm fields:,b3,b2&from=s2&where=&op=&order=last&color=log(1.5),brightness(4000:20000)&lat=51.01&lon=2.29&zoom=12

Note that you can get instant visual result with the help of VANE SQL-viewer - this is a very basic and useful tool to build and try your queries.
See Vane Language documentation for more information and examples.