Create Basemaps in minutes

Generate lots of Basemaps with VANE, the most powerful and simple query language for online operating with satellite images. With one access point to all satellite images (Landsat 8, Sentinel 2, MODIS, RapidEye and others are coming soon!) your map will benefit from their different resolutions and features. All processings and computings are made online.

Our simple visual tools will help you to build requests, customize presets, setup your indices and color schemes for any area on the Earth. Embed URLs to tiles or GeoJSON polygons to your apps to see the instant result.

Data is updated every day with 1 hour delay (MODIS).

  • Query language

    Intuitive yet powerful VANE Query Language for processing and computing upon satellite images, and creating basemaps in minutes

  • Basemap Presets

    Create your basemap effortlessly by customizing of basic maps such as NDVI, true color, false color and more advanced maps like masks or drought index

  • query builder

    Visual tool to construct your Basemap query by using the full range of parameters of time, data sources, operations with data, and color schemes

    Create a map
  • True Color

    True Color


    Rendering of red, green and blue satellite imagery spectral bands

  • False Color

    False Color


    Useful for visualizing land cover and differentiating it from the urban area

  • NDVI


    Calculating and monitoring of health of vegetation growth and it's dynamics

  • NDWI


    Detecting the presence of water and moisture on the ground