"MODIS" is a camera aboard Terra and Aqua satellites. The MODIS mosaic and the derivative products like "cloud mask" are widely used in various of applications from TV maps to desktop wallpapers.
How to use MODIS for some kind of this application, getting it from VANE platform?

VANE provides MODIS with less than one hour delay after satellite path. The one problem - you may wish to get the seamless mosaic of the entire world and the satellite paths look somehow like this:

There is not the whole world captured for the current date and there are stripes where the satellite didn't scan.
The use of VANE language allows you to build the specific query to get the most recent MODIS imagery along with past day MODIS for the rest of the world. To get both of satellites and to combine for last two days you need to specify from=modis and order=last.

In order to get mosaic from only one of satellites, set up from=terra or from=aqua

You get it!

That's how we use MODIS for satellite basemap to show weather layers on the top of it - http://owm.io/weathermap 

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