Adjusting the gradient palette is possible for NDVI, EVI, and NDI operations.

To define the colors of the gradient palette, you must specify the key points relative to which the gradient will be made.
To define the key points, you must indicate a couple of values in the Palette field for each point in [s:cccccctt] format, where “s” means the brightness of the original band, “c” is the hexadecimal color code, and “tt” represents the transparency value. For example, 0:000000ff indicates that the original raster values equal 0, it must be shown in black, and it has an “opacity” value = 0.
When specifying more than one key point, their values should be separated with the “;” symbol.
In order to change the preset color palette, just uncheck Color default and set the desired parameters.
After selecting operations and sources and setting the desired parameters, the only thing left is to get the generated link as requested by clicking the GET THE URL button.

Use this tile server URL in your application as a template with any standard mapping libraries like Leaflet, Mapbox, Google Map, and Open Layers.

Important! You need to get API key and replace {APIKEY} with your personal one