We begin the publication with a series of short instructions on worked with our new web interface Query Builder for Vane platform.

Modes and control elements:

0 - settings panel;
1 - layer selection - map, satellite image, space image, and legend (hybrid map);
2 - full-screen mode;
3 - quick switch to hybrid map;
4 - search by place name;
5 - scale;
6 - from the bottom left, the geographical coordinates and and coordinates of the tile under the cursor are shown.

Creating a map

To create a map, you must complete a few simple tasks:

  1. Select a data source;

  2. Select a processing type;

  3. Set the time range.

Additionally, you can set display parameters and choose spectral bands specific to your objective.

After selecting operations and sources and setting the desired parameters, the only thing left is to get the generated link as requested by clicking the GET THE URL button.

Use this tile server URL in your application as a template with any standard mapping libraries like Leaflet, Mapbox, Google Map, and Open Layers.

Important! You need to get API key and replace {APIKEY} with your personal one.

Creating a map. Selecting a data source >>