Hello weather developers,
We’ve updated our application for demonstration of current weather map layers. Now you can switch between basemaps and display weather overlays on the top of it.
Would your prefer a combination of daily satellite imagery overlaid with precipitation or a basemap with the current weather city labels, you can choose it and share permalink, copying it from the address bar.

As an example, for today you can see cold atmospheric cyclones over the East part of Russia, where air temperature can reach -40C and lower.
Switching to Precipitation layer it’s worth to observe such rare phenomena as a large snowfall over Afghanistan and some neighbour regions.

Precipitation: snow and rain maps for 30 January 2017

The point is - you can build all available weather layers into your own application. 

The weather layers, powered by VANE geospatial platform, can be customised using Map Editor tool which is available under your personal page. You can use default styles or apply another one with CartoCSS syntax and get the endpoint tile URL to connect layers into your map application.

All data sets currently available as tile layers in the Map Editor are:

Weather maps Precip.png
  • Temperature

  • Wind

  • Snow

  • Rain

  • Clouds

  • Pressure (for different altitude above the ground level)

Please note that only current weather conditions are available though the map layers application - that means that although you can share the state of the map position and layers being selected via permalink - the weather may change. We continue to move in this direction and to add more functionality concerning weather forecast and history.

Please provide us with your feedback and your case studies on using weather maps and the VANE geospatial platform.