Build your Basemap in minutes! You can easily customize our basic presets of NDVI, true color, false color maps or more advanced maps like drought index. Maps are generated for any area, and you will see the result of your operations immediately. Embed the map into your app via tile server or request to a polygon.

How to customize a preset

  • First, please Sign Up and get an API key on your account page. Please use your API key in any request.
  • Click the 'Preset' and change up any parameters of time, data source, color scheme, and even type of processing seeing on the left side. The full list of parameters is in the Documentation.
  • Check the immediate result on the map.
  • Click the 'Get Tile URL' button on the left and copy an automatically generated tile server URL that you can use in your application as a template with any standard mapping libraries like Leaflet, Mapbox, Google Map, and Open Layers. For the tile server the endpoint is{z}/{x}/{y} where Z is a zoom level, and X and Y identify the tile. For the polygone use endpoint as , and do not forget to setup polygon= as a GeoJSON array.

True color - builder

"True color" is a rendering of red, green and blue satellite imagery spectral bands to the RGB composite image that seems to look natural. Here is an example of query to the Santinel2 image

Determining parameters: from=s2


False color - builder

"False color" is a rendering using NIR (near infrared) band which is more useful to visualize land cover and differentiate it from the urban and farmland areas.

Determining parameters: select=b8,b3,b2 and from=s2


NDVI - builder

"NDVI" is a processing formula that uses near-infrared and red spectral bands to calculate and monitor health vegetation growth and its dynamics.
This index is mapped from a white to green hue, where green indicates good crop and white indicates very poor crop or an absence of vegetation. NDVI data is strongly important for agriculture and Farm management applications.

Determining parameters: from=s2 and op=ndvi


NDWI - builder

The Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI) is known to be strongly related to the plant water content. It is therefore a very good proxy for plant water stress.

Determining parameters: select=b8,b12 from=s2 and op=ndi