Make up a Basemap from satellite images in minutes! With VANE, the most powerful query language, construct your map for any area, apply your indices, customize color schemes, embed a query into your application and see an immediate result.

  1. Get API key.
  2. Please Sign Up and get an API key on your account page. Please use your API key in any request.

  3. Choose Basemap Presets.
  4. Go to Presets and choose a map from a variety of global Basemaps including NDVI, true color, false color. Many others are coming soon.

  5. Customize parameters of a request.
  6. Change up any parameters of time, data source, color scheme, type of processing using the panel for visual coding on the left. Check the immediate result on the map. The full list of parameters is in the Documentation. You can always construct your request with Basemap Builder freely playing with any parameters of request.

  7. Get tile URL and embed into app.
  8. Push the 'Get Tile URL' button on the left and copy an automatically generated tile server URL that you can use in your application as a template with any standard mapping libraries like Leaflet, Mapbox, Google Map, and Open Layers.

Tiles or polygone:

  • For the tile server the endpoint is{z}/{x}/{y}? where Z is a zoom level, and X and Y identify the tile.
  • For the polygone the endpoint is , do not forget to setup polygon= as a GeoJSON array.

For easy start:

  • Presets of NDVI, NDWI, true color, false color. Many others are coming soon.
  • How-To with a number of tutorials of how to get drought index, compute NDVI for any date, build a map with Sentinel 2 images and many other practical information.
  • Cases of how to use satellite images and build maps for agricultural applications.
  • Documentation with full list of parameters of requests, with simple live examples.
  • Price-list to choose your subscription plan.