Global Base Map - Terra and Aqua layers

Global Base Map - Terra and Aqua layers

Global Base Map - Terra and Aqua layers

Posted on 2017-Mar-14 15:02

Operative Terra imagery for the current date (13 march) combined with precipitation layer - both layers are generated on the top of VANE platform

As a part of Global Base Map plan, that is much easier way to start to work with satellite imagery and services, we added low resolution imagery from Aqua and Terra satellites (aka MODIS). This kind of imagery enables Earth observation on a daily and hourly time basis  and can be vividly combined with weather layers - (previously we’ve posted about this part of the work on our blog). The delay between satellite overpasses and a publication of the imagery is about 2 hours, this is the minimum time delay for Web Mercator (1) version of this kind of satellite imagery, yet we look forward to reducing this time. About every 30 minutes new imagery comes from each of satellites.

The comparison of VANE and NASA GIBS layers as for Terra satellite in web-mercator projection. The divider’s bar defines the time difference between one and the other, which is about 3-4 satellite passes for mercator projection and 1-2 for latlon which is the default projection for Worldview. Also, there is some issue to use GIBS layer with a transparent background in order to overlay it on base maps. You can check this example live at 

Next step we are going to add new MODIS to “Weathermap” to combine it with weather map layers. Stay tuned to know about “Global base map” launch that’s coming pretty soon.

To start using VANE maps from third-party applications and to get tiles from server you need to generate an API key under your personal Openweathermap account - thus users can use it in a vast range of clients from GIS desktops to web-mapping libraries (see more detailed description and examples). You can sign in under your Openweathermap account or create a new one.

(1)  a projection that’s widely used in web applications and mapping libraries

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