VANE Language

SQL fashioned query language for operating with an extensive base of environmental data with a variety of intuitive requests and flexible methods of data processing.

Environmental data

Terabytes of global weather data, satellite images, its metadata, and historical data can be used together by the common VANE Language requests to build profound analytical services and applications.

Data science tools

Friendly data science tools like Jupiter and MapEditor with direct access to environmental data for exploring of analytical and AI algorithms and getting an immediate result.

Interactive NDVI maps with tile server

Step 1. Call for tile server from your application

Step 2. Get NDVI map for your customers

where /12/668/1585 is XYZ for tile server, {select} is b5 and b4 bands (Landsat 8) for NDVI processing, and {op} operation is NDVI

Examples of data science tasks

Explore your AI algorithms or use ours with simple coding and instant visual result

Fire detection

Detect areas that were deforested after fire by simple coding of burn index and apply it to chosen area and data of events. You can easily compare images before and after fire by getting visual result immediately.

Change detection

Investigate changes before and after events like fire, drought, flood and other natural disasters as well as human activity like construction rate in some region or crop cultivation. Code your own algorithms to estimate intensity or spreading of changes.

Historical weather

Get immediate access to historical weather on some date in some location or globally and examine it on the resulted map. You can use this option as an alternative to historical weather API.

Vegetation indexes

NDVI, ENVI and any other vegetation indexes can be examined on VANE platform for the specific date and area of interest. You can apply your own formulas and adjust colour schemes as needed.

Map Editor

It allows you to create customized maps with all spatial data available on VANE platform such as weather, satellite images, air pollution, UX index, AIS and any other external maps. Edit map styles and colour schemes using CartoCSS syntax.
Map Editor 2.0

How VANE Platform helps your business

Monitor risk exposures around mines, ports, plantations, farmland, real estate and others before making investments



Evaluate which of two neighboring mines is producing the most coal



Monitor dynamic of construction of apartments, shopping malls and other amenities


Agricultural insurance

Evaluate health of crops and fight with crop insurance fraud


Real estate

Show top-down view of the property and surrounding area when purchasing real estate



Estimate the current global oil surplus



Track fill rates at car parks at big retailers to provide an indication of company revenues