Vane Platform

Simple and fast access to environmental
data for development of new applications

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  • Vane Language

    Vane Language

    SQL fashioned query language for operating with an extensive base of environmental data with a variety of intuitive requests
    and flexible methods of data processing.

  • Environmental Data

    Environmental Data

    Terabytes of global weather data, satellite images, its metadata, and historical data can be used together by the common VANE Language requests to build profound analytical services and applications.

  • Data Science Tools

    Data Science Tools

    Friendly data science tools like Jupiter and
    MapEditor with direct access to environmental data for exploring of analytical and AI algorithms and getting an immediate result.

Interactive Interactive Vegetation Vegetation maps with tile server


Call for tile server from your application
12 668 1585 ?
select b5 b4 &
op ndvi


Get NDVI map for your customers

Get NDVI map for your customers
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Change Detection

Detect areas that were deforested after fire by applying of burn index to selected area and data period.
You can easily compare images before and
after a certain event and vusualize the difference by getting pixel mask and applying the preferable color pallete.

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Fire Detection

Vegetation index

NDVI, ENVI and any other vegetation indexes can be
examined on VANE platform for the specific date and area
of interest. You can apply your own formulas and adjust
colour schemes as needed.

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Vegetation index
Vegetation index

Mosaic Map

You can get auto corrected colour global satellite base maps or apply your own colour schemas to embed it as a tile service into your map application.

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VANE platform helps you in


Evaluate which of two neighboring mines
is producing the most coal

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