Our service offers 2 Polygon user modes: (1) contour drawing and (2) API mode.

Both operating modes allow the user to divide up the required area (polygon), edit it, and obtain information about the polygon and the URL, which can then used later on the website or in the app.

Contour drawing mode. 

In contour drawing regime you can create polygons (1), edit their borders (2), click on the view polygon button to get data about that polygon (geojson: coordinates of the polygon peak heights and lengths), (3) and upload your polygon from the geojson file by clicking the upload file button or dragging it with your mouse (4).

API Regime 

In API mode setting the polygon parameters can be done via a standard API data template request.The dedicated polygon can be filled in according to the filters that were set during drawing mode. The main menu will display as a background from openstreetmap. Where required, you can switch to different satellite background operating modes in the left-hand corner. You can still use the menu, and any changes made to the polygon under this setting will be saved.

In order to change the polygon regime and make sure your changes save correctly, go into edit mode and then save your changes.
After adjusting any settings and making any edits, by clicking on “get the URL” you’ll then get a scanned link.
Use this tile server URL in your application as a template with any standard mapping libraries like Leaflet, Mapbox, Google Map, and Open Layers.
Important! You need to get API key and replace {APIKEY} with your personal one