Value of parameter “op” indicates a type of operation used for image processing. By default value op=rgb

Parameter “op” can have the following values:    

op = rgb (RGB)
op = ndi (Normalized Difference Index)
op = evi (Enhanced Vegetation Index)

With these values any combination of available bands is possible.

Attention! Each operation accepts a definite number of bands. If an irrelevant number of bands is denoted, then an error message will be shown.    

Presets with installed order and set of bands:

op = truecolor (a composite image that seems to look natural)
op = falsecolor (is a view using NIR band)
op = ndvi (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index)

Attention! If incompatible values of some parameters are specified (for example, in case of putting “select”), then an error message will be shown.

Example of wrong request:


Such a request will return the following error message: {"message":"You can't specify the layers you want to preset. The truecolor uses a fixed set of layers: b4,b3,b2."}

Also please note the usage of parameter “color” depends on value of parameter “op”:
In case ndvi, ndi or evi are requested, then value of “color” can only denote a color palette. For example, color=0:ffffffff;0.025:ff0000ff;0.1:ff8800ff;0.2:ffcc00ff;0.3:ffff00ff;0.4:ccff00ff;0.5:00ff00ff;0.6:00bb00ff;0.7:008800ff;0.8:007700ff;0.9:006600ff;1:005500ff

In other cases value of “color” reveals the settings of color correction.

Request examples: Images of fire in the north of Australia as of July 9, 2016. 

By default value op = rgb.


op = rgb, select=b10,b7


Value of parameter “select” is determined op=falsecolor