Let’s consider an example of the application Open Dashboard for Agricultural Monitoring, where you can trace a condition of any part of fields timely and with visual representation. For that, for your specified polygon on a satellite image we calculate Vegetation index (NDVI ) for a time period of several years.   


Satellite – a list of available at the moment images from Landsat and Sentinel satellites

Time – time when an image was created

Day – a day of a year (starting from Jan 1) when satellite imagery was done

Clouds – cloud cover affects how clearly field boundaries are seen. The lower cloud cover is, the more relevant the index, and this should be taken into consideration when analyzing the data.

This is plainly seen on the following examples: 

Image as of June 19, 2017, cloud cover is 0%

Image as of July 18, 2017, cloud cover is 20.52%

Embed into your application:
- NDVI Preset with from=s2 for Sentinel and from=l8 for Landsat 8
- How to use satellite images for agricultural applications
- How to operate with satellite images with VANE query language
- Documentation