Choose images on the specific date, for the particular period, pick up the best images for the last month or week, and many other options.

Examples of parameters:
day:2016-08-01; between(2016-06-23:2016-07-09);.day<2016-08-25

Examples of queries: 
The growth of phytoplankton (distinctive turquoise curls) taking place in May in the Black Sea. The images are made by NASA's Aqua satellites (MODIS).

The imagery as of Apr 29, 2017


The imagery as of a period after May 29, 2017


The parameter "where" is also very helpful for evaluation of changes in plant cover (NDVI-index).
Somewhere near Colorado Springs

The imagery as of a period before July 19, 2016


The imagery as of a period June 23, 2016 -  July 09, 2016