Jupyter Notebook is a popular open and free programming environment on Python that combines code, text, and charts, and distribute them to other users. With Jupyter you can play with VANE data such as weather, satellite images, IoT and their combination. It is an ultimately convenient tool for data science, experiments with math algorithms, and for data processing.

Step 1.

Please, register on home.owm.io to get an account

Step 2.

Go to VANE/Jupyter jupyter.owm.io/hub/login and sign in with your OpenWeatherMap account that you have created in Step 1.

Step 3.

Find a list of notebooks.

Step 4.

In a /DOCS find two documents with essential information About Jupyter and How to work with Jupyter

The copy of documents is always available here:

Step 5.

Try basic exercises in a /VANE folder. You can learn code, execute it and adjust as needed.

The copy of documents is always available here: