VANE Global Base Map

VANE Global Base Map

VANE Global Base Map

Posted on 2017-Mar-27 12:49

The product remains free for open satellite imagery and will be extended with commercial satellites with higher resolution and cadence.

The free for all “VANE Global Map” constituted of middle resolution Landsat and Sentinel imagery - still continuously updated as new imagery become available. To make a global mosaic we applied special color processing algorithms for both of the imagery data sets, thus it can be used in one single layer as opposed to Landsat-only or Sentinel-only mosaics. 

And for low-zoom levels (1-5) - to observe Earth on a daily or hourly time basis - we added low resolution imagery from Aqua and Terra satellites that can be vividly combined with weather layers - previously we posted about this part of the work on our blog. We process MODIS imagery in minimum time as for Web Mercator based apps - which means you can get tiles directly in any popular mapping library from Google Maps to Leaflet. The delay between satellite overpass and the publishing on our server is about 2 hours, yet we look forward to reducing this time. About every 30 minutes new imagery comes from each of satellites.

MODIS - Aqua and Terra layers on the Global Base Map powered by VANE platform (

To learn more about what you can get from multispectral satellite imagery - we are going to start workouts section. Don’t hesitate to share your results with the others. Let’s use hashtag #satmap to facilitate the sharing.

The default view of the map is provided in “True color” rendering and the imagery tiles are automatically sorted in the best order and combined into one single tile layer. This means that each tile is selected according to the best fit for the summary of the recentness, cloudiness and some additional characteristics. Note that this is a beta version and we are in the process of adding more imagery into our database to improve these algorithms.

To start using API from third-party applications and to get tiles from the server you need to generate an {API key} - you can sign in under your Openweathermap account or create a new one. Then the Map can be used in a vast range of clients from GIS desktops to web-mapping libraries (see more detailed description and examples at 

Global Base Map - vegetation map calculated dynamically with VANE SQL - don't forget to replace API key

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