Global Base Map - VANE language implementation

Global Base Map - VANE language implementation

Global Base Map - VANE language implementation

Posted on 2017-Mar-29 10:50

What could be even more fascinating about Global Satellite Map - you get it not only in one RGB state, like “True Color” (as we get used to browsing web-mapping services), or not only in the provided number of presets that are available at the description page, but with all capabilities that are brought to you by the power of VANE SQL Language - select, combine, apply colors and more. 

All operations you can do with imagery online. Applying your own analytcs algorithms and raster calculation formulas - this is the next step we are looking forward to move to, meanwhile you can learn some pieces of these advanced conception from JUPYTER examples

For now, the developers of Smart Farming applications can get a vegetation map (so called NDVI) from the same base map and calculate NDVI values to detect the amount and healthiness of a vegetation and compare it dynamics for the certain area of interest.

Global Base Map  #satmap - vegetation map calculated dynamically with VANE SQL

To start constructing queries for use of advanced API functionality - go to Vane language documentation and preview your results with the VANE Query Builder. The other way is to choose one of the basic presets from the Global Base Map “portfolio” and click <> Edit button, which is following to the same Query Builder, to customize it further and get the resulting URL.

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