More than 20 comprehensive weather APIs are available on our website. Presently, APIs for weather, forecasts, UV index, historical weather, satellite imagery search (in your area of interest), and historical NDVI for your field are available, with many additional APIs being added soon. All data is global, and the majority of it is called by geo location.

To get access to weather API you need an API key whatever account you choose from Free to Enterprise.

How to get API key (APPID)

Sign up to get unique API key on your account page

How to use API key in API call


To get access to weather API you need an API key whatever account you chose from Free to Enterprise.

We keep right to not to process API requests without API key.

APPID {APIKEY} is your unique API key
Example of API call:

How to get accurate API response

Do not send requests more then 1 time per 10 minutes from one device/one API key. Normally the weather is not changing so frequently.

Use the name of the server as Please never use the IP address of the server.

Call API by city ID instead of city name, city coordinates or zip code. In this case you get precise respond exactly for your city.

Free account has limitation of capacity and data availability. If you do not get respond from server do not try to repeat your request immediately, but only after 10 min. Also we recommend to store your previous request data.

Find more details in our price-list or contact us via Support Center.